Monday, June 3, 2013

Views of Greenland Dock

I bought a new camera, which is powered by ordinary AA batteries, to supplement my giant Canon EOS digital SLR a few days ago, as something I can just chuck into my handbag when I don't want to take out the Canon. I took it out for a test run today for the first time.  It's a Fuji S4500, and even though I had seen one in a store a few weeks ago I was still taken aback by how lightweight and small it was when I opened the box.

 Having done a round of Greenland Dock with it, I find that I am absolutely not used to using anything either this tiny or weightless, and it is still odd to look through the rear screen rather than a viewfinder (although one of the reasons for buying this model is that it does offer a viewfinder as well).  It is going to take some time to become accustomed to not having all those heavy Canon optics in my hand.  But even on a first day of usage, using only the default automated settings without any attempt to manage the exposure, it hasn't done a bad job.

Here's the first set of views of Greenland Dock.  I'll post the second set, views from Greenland Dock, tomorrrow.

Coot, nest-making

Lock office on the right, with the Isle of Dogs
in the background

Henry Grissell's 1862 footbridge
in it's open position

Tavistock Tower flanked by The Shard and
the architecturally tedious Ontario Point

Cormorants on the Sailing School pontoon

Sadly neglected survivor from the
Surrey Commercial Docks

Greenland Dock

The Moby Dick

Greenland Dock towards the Isle of Dogs

Scherzer rolling bascule lift bridge

Trees lining the east side of Greenland Dock

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