Thursday, November 6, 2008

Last lot from Friday 31st October

The first photograph is from just beyond the Greenland Dock side entrance to the Russia Dock Woodland, and the rest were all taken in Stave Hill Ecological Park.

Newly cleared track, behind Globe Pond

Ulex europaeus

Detail of previous plant - seed pods

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Penultimate lot from Friday 31st October

Ivy flower

Underside of leaf, with silhouette of fly standing on other surface

Plane tree bark

So far I've been unable to determine which plant this. There are several candidates.

Monday, November 3, 2008

More from Friday 31st October

More photographs of autumn in full swing, minus the leaves!

Spindle Tree
Species: Euonymus europaeus
Family: Celastraceae

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Life in the Eco park ivy hedge on Hallowe'en

Thanks to the ivy hedge there was life, shape and colour to photograph all in one place. I've had a go at updating this page with details about the insects shown but, as with trees, I find it very difficult to tell them apart because the subtleties of the distinctions between them are often just that - subtle.

The photographs below at the above-mentioned ivy hedge were all taken on Friday. Only a day later today was grey and cold and had precious little charm about it. I had the both the honour and the deep regret of accompanying one of my closest friends to Heathrow to wave him away to a new life in the U.S.. As we sat at the bar having a farewell drink I looked out through the window and saw that snow was falling on Terminal 3. It was very pretty for a moment but by the time I had regretfully delivered Rory to Departures, and left the Terminal to locate the tube station, the snow had metamorphosed into to an absolute downpour of rain. The deluge didn't let up for the rest of the day.

The seven day forecast is not a happy one but hopefully there will be a few dry moments in the coming weeks when I can trundle over the road with the camera and see what's going on. Failing that, Les Butler seems to be far more resilient than me and his blog (see menu right) has some absolutely stunning recent photographs.

Ivy flower
Hedera helix

Shield Bug, but it's difficult to tell which one.
Coreus marginatus?

Phaonia valida (possibly - insects aren't my strong point!)
A specie of horsefly

I'm not even taking a rough guess on traying to narrow this one down!

Dung fly

More than slightly out of focus, unfortunately
Les Butler has much better examples on his blog, one of which can be found on a recent post by clicking here. It is accompanied by many other really lovely photographs.