Thursday, February 16, 2012

Aquatic Sports Gala Day in 1925, Surrey Docks

Thanks to the Transportine blog for a post with some photographs of Surrey Docks in 1925, plus a video, all of the Port of London Authority Aquatic Sports Gala Day in 1925 (see it on the above link).  All black and white and really fascinating.  I particularly liked the diving footage.  It drew a big crowd!  I also very much like the tall ships masts in the background, and the sheds at the sides of the dock.  The diving boards are mounted on scaffold.  No modern glamour here, but people are evidently having a great time.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Red RF Route 202 in 1929

Introduced as the 202 by independent companies G.H. Allitt & Sons Ltd and Robert Hawkins & Co Ltd ('Nil Desperandum') on 23 Jul 29 (initially only from New Cross to Rotherhithe Red Lion, but extended at the end of the year), the two operators were joined in 1931 by Renown Traction Co.Ltd (for 4 months, until their only bus caught fire) and E Puttergill ('Golden Arrow'). Between November 1933 and June 1934, the three remaining companies were acquired by the LPTB, operation from Old Kent Road garage (P) starting in January 1934.

In 1935, the Rotherhithe New Road terminus became known as 'Canal Bridge', whilst Clifton Rise was still known locally as Clifton Hill. In May 1936, the small ex-independent one-man buses were replaced by nine crew-operated side-engined 5Q5s, running every 5 minutes. The route was always single-deck operated because of low bridges in Trundleys Road, including one carrying the Bricklayers Arms goods yard line which descended at a shallow gradient for the very heavy goods trains.

See the above page for more and click on the image to see the detail on the destination sign at the front of the bus.