Rotherhithe Heritage Series

Howland Great Wet Dock, 1695

My series of posts about Rotherhithe's past, starting from prehistory and working its way through to modern times (but currently stalled in the late 1800s, thanks to other commitments) has been dotted around throughout the blog.  I posted them as and when they have been completed.  That's not a lot of help for anyone wanting to read about Rotherhithe's heritage as a coherent narrative, so here they are in chronological order.

The plan was to write them until I get to the present day, and they were in desperately in need of a re-write, but I never got around to it.

Rotherhithe Heritage 1 - Introduction: The background to the dockland heritage

Rotherhithe Heritage 2 - Howland Great Wet Dock 1695

Rotherhithe Heritage 3 - the 1700s

Rotherhithe Heritage 4 - Whaling at Greenland Dock 1763-1836

Rotherhithe Heritage 5 -  Going back in time to pre-1515

Rotherhithe Heritage 6 - A few introductory paragraphs to the 1800s

Rotherhithe Heritage 7 - 1800-1835

Rotherhithe Heritage 8 - The Thames Tunnel, 1825 -1843

Rotherhithe Heritage 9 - 1825-1843

Rotherhithe Heritage 10 - 1843-1870


HMS Tartar 1764

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Valao said...

Just to say What a great Blog .I will be reading them all .My family were Stevedores in the Docks .Reading the latest ones makes me understand the area as it was. Looking forward to the next one as you said when you find time.