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This is a bibliography for the entire blog. It has been updated incrementally as I have used different books and web pages to write posts, and it is organized first by theme and then by author. If a reference is not listed here, it is because it has cited in full in the post concerned.  Where no author is known (as in the case of some web pages) those are listed at the end of each of the themes below.


(Organized by date of map)

Cary's New Plan of London and its Vicinity, 1837
London 1848, B.R. Davies, London. Reprinted by Old House Books 1992
Rotherhithe 1868. Old Ordnance Survey Maps. London Sheet 78. The Godfrey Collection

Rotherhithe 1894. Old Ordnance Survey Maps. London Sheet 78. The Godfrey Collection
The Charles Booth Poverty Map 1898-99

The Charles Booth Poverty Map Online Archive 1898-99, Southwark page
Rotherhithe 1914. Old Ordnance Survey Maps. London Sheet 78. The Godfrey Collection

Vision of Britain Map Series 

Heritage (including Shipbuilding)

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(available as a PDF on
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The Brunel Museum
Castles Shipbreaking
Customs Journal December 1962, No.1181, Volume 69
Greenwich - The hospital for seamen
Historic Shipping  
London's Lost Rivers.    
Michael Phillips Ships of the Old Navy 
The National Archives  
The National Archives Currency Converter
National Historic Ships UK
Obituary of Henry Grissell in Minutes of the Proceedings (Institution of Civil Engineers): Volume 73 (1883)
The Pumphouse Educational Museum

The Ship List 
Southwark's Archaeological Heritage - Southwark Council.
Thames Sailing Barge home page.   
HMS Tiger website - history page .     
Warships in the Age of Sail   
Zulu War 1879.

The First World War

Books and articles:

Bishop, J. 1982, The Illustrated London News Social History of the First World War. Angus and Robertson
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Wild (and feral) plants

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