Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Thames Tideway Tunnel update

The proposed Chambers Wharf
site on the Thames Tideway site at
Anyone who was following discussions (and disputes) about where the Thames Tideway supersewer should be located will be aware that the King's Stairs Gardens was one options being considered.  There was an active local campaign to reject its location in Rotherhithe, the Save King's Stairs Gardens campaign.  Eventually it was announced that the King's Stairs Gardens was no longer the Thames Water favoured site.

Now the website has reported that Council and Lib Dems set out Chambers Wharf supersewer objections.  "Southwark Council has voiced its strong opposition to proposals to use Chambers Wharf for the Thames Tideway Tunnel supersewer.  The council has set out its objections in its first formal response to the Planning Inspectorate on the impacts of the proposal."  See more on the website:

For a map showing the site, see the following on Google Maps - the site is the empty patch at Chambers Street, between Bermondsey Wall East and Bermondsey Wall West:

More details of the planned development are on the Thames Tideway site: 

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