Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Before and After: Nestng coots assisted by local residents

Again, local residents have helped out where Southwark Council's Environment department have yet again failed to.  The pair of coots in the Greenland Dock section of Norway Cut, whose nest was actually in the water, were supplied with some reeds yesterday evening as building material.  Below are the photos from a few days ago, yesterday and this afternoon - the difference is remarkable! Such a small thing, and so easy to provide. Super to see. Here's what Steve said about the impact the reeds had on the coots:

I managed to get a few bundles of reeds down to the nesting coots in Norway Cut, where they only had wet leaves to nest on. They rebuilt a second floor apartment inside 20 minutes. it was fascinating to witness the team work. Will check progress tomorrow, and see if any more bundles of reeds are needed in Greenland Dock, South Dock and Surrey Water.

The first attempt of the coots to nest, a few days ago

Yesterday, with a few sad leaves floating in the water

Today, now that the coots have been given
nesting material the nest is well built and
the top level is well above the water surface.

Today again, showing the rope (far left) where
local residents have attempted to moor the pontoon
safely to prevent it floating off into the main dock.

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