Sunday, August 17, 2008

Paul Noblet response to local concerns re graffiti at Stave Hill

Thanks to Paul Noblet for copying me on a reply to an email which raised serious local concerns re the implications of failing to clear the graffiti from Stave Hill. The original email was sent to Paul Kyriacou but Paul Noblet was copied in on that communication. For those unfamiliar with the names, here’s the breakdown: Paul Noblet is a Liberal Democrat councillor for the Surrey Docks ward, as are Lisa Rajan and David Hubber. Paul Kyriacou is a Liberal Democrat councillor for the South Bermondsey ward. This is an extract from Paul Noblet’s email:

    I think this is a very timely email. I was shocked to hear of the attacks during the week. . . .

    Lisa, David and I have raised the issue of under policing with the local police as because crime is relatively low (and unreported) we sometimes seem not to get a fair deal when it comes to patrols on the ground to crack down on any drug dealing or gang-related muggings etc.

    I'm sure Paul Kyriacou will want to respond himself but I wanted to let you and your neighbours know that this is an issue we are already raising with the local police and Simon Hughes. Whilst neither he nor Simon control the police, they can put pressure on them.

    In terms of the grafitti, we will get onto it first thing Monday as in my experience people often leave areas looking as they found them - if grafitti builds up it just leads to more.

    With best wishes,


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