Thursday, August 7, 2008

Four Communications and the Surrey Quays Leisure Park

Four Communications are the people who appear to be representing Frogmore's development hopes for the Surrey Quays Leisure Park. Just out of interest, and partly because someone told me that one of their senior managers was a former head of Southwark Council, I went and had a look at their website.

If you feel the urge to visit you'll find something with a Flash-only interface and a number of pages which don't load properly (if you took the website at face value there would be no news and no key people). Their home page says that their news is "undefined", which apparently goes for their "Services" too. I use Mozilla Firefox but I tried the site in other browsers including MS Internet Explorer and the site is simply broken in so many places. Laugh or cry: a PR company that apparently cannot sort out its own web presence.

Fishing for facts in amongst the broken pages there I found that there isn't a great deal of information on the site. However, one of the web pages that does work indicates that one of their other clients is Barratt Homes.

Thanks to the blank "people" page I never did find out whether or not some ex-employee of Southwark Council is handling the Frogmore account, which would/will be an interesting relationship. Just something else to bear in mind. I am beginning to believe that certain levels of paranoia are a perfectly sensible thing to experience when one is worrying about the quality of the rest of one's Rotherhithe-based life :-)

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