Monday, September 23, 2013

Tonight at 10pm on TV - Depftord High Street

Tonight at 10pm on the Yesterday channel (Freeview), the first in a repeated series, there's a programme called The Secret History of Our Streets.  The first one is looking at Deptford High Street, which is a stone's throw away from Rotherhithe.  The social history series claims to be partially inspired by Charles Booth's project to map London's poverty in the late 1800s (I posted recently about the availability of his maps online, and have an excellent hard copy of them myself - well worth inspecting to see how your area was faring in the 1880s).  This particular episode looks at what happened when areas designated as "slums" were obliterated in the 1960s and communities were broken up.  I managed to miss this when it showed a few months back, and I may not be able to watch it tonight, but it looks as though it would be well worth making a note of if you can catch it.

There's a preview on the Radio Times website:

Apologies for the short notice - my father just pointed it out to me, but it will doubtless come on again in the future.

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