Friday, September 13, 2013

A Southwark Council survey about dogs in parks in Southwark

Dogs enjoying a great game in
Russia DockWoodland

An interesting and potentially useful piece of work by Southwark Council is being conducted into the feelings of the public about dogs in parks.  The Council has organized a formal survey to find out more about public opinion on the subject.

Be warned that when I attempted to complete the survey on what should happen to the dolphin sculpture, it chucked me out with an error message after I had completed it because I hadn't chosen to register (even though the page said that I could complete the form without registering, as it does on this survey).  I might have been the unlucky victim of a glitch on the day but if you really want to make sure that your opinion is taken into consideration it might be worth registering, just to ensure that your opinions are recorded.

See full details on their website:

Here's an excerpt from the above page:

Southwark Council welcomes responsible dog owners and their dogs to our parks and open spaces. Unfortunately incidents relating to dogs have been reported, and we want to address this.

We think that irresponsible dog owners are in the minority, but they are costing the tax payer money spent on clearing up dog fouling, and affecting the enjoyment of some visitors to our parks.
Survey 2013

At this year's Friends Conference we asked members of the public what they thought the issues were. We have used their suggestions to create an online survey about dogs in parks. Please fill it in to let us know your views, by the deadline of 16 September 2013.

This is your chance to give us your point of view, which we will use to create a report and will influence any action we might take. 

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