Friday, September 6, 2013

Stuart Rankin's Rotherhithe Local History Papers to go online

Stuart Rankin's booklets
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As anyone who follows the blog will know, I am a big fan of local historian Stuart Rankin who wrote a series of local history walks and, most importantly, a set of six booklets called the Rotherhithe Local History Papers.  His Local History Papers are about to be republished online by the Docklands History Group on their Archive page.  See details in the poster below.  The first of the booklets is not yet available, but I will post again when it is - which should be some time this month (September 2013).

This is really great news, an excellent opportunity to own your own copies of a research project that has been out of print for several years. With lots of images, including paintings, engravings, photographs and maps in black and white, each booklet in the series is written in a digestible and enjoyable style.  Stuart Rankin worked mainly from primary resources, consulting with other experts, making his work of particular interest and value for those interested in understanding the maritime, industrial and social past of Rotherhithe.


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The link to the PDF documents seems to have changed. It's now (referenced by

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The link to the PDF seems to have changed. It's now (referenced by

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Thanks Martin. Much appreciated.