Thursday, February 27, 2014

Update re planning application to demolish the Ship York

The Ship York. Photograph by Stephen Harris
There have been a lot of rumours circulating over the last few days about whether or not the Ship York has been sold to developers and whether or not its planning application has been accepted.  As usual with Southwark Council's planning pages I am completely confused about what has and hasn't been agreed re the Ship York at 375 Rotherhithe Street.  On the one hand there is a planning application number 13/AP/2407 (, that, near the end of the page, says simply "Decision: Granted."  On the other hand, there is also a planning application number 13/AP/3839 ( that states "Decision: Application not yet decided."  I have no idea what all this means in planning terms, but I assume that the writing is on the wall for the pub!  If anyone has more experience at interpreting these various contradictory reports I would be most grateful for a little basic elucidation.

According to the original planning application back in 2010 the existing three-storey (plus basement) building will be replaced by a five-storey (plus basement) mixed-use development comprising of a public house at basement and ground floor level, and 8 x two-bedroom residential units above.  The application didn't go through in 2010 but the new application is presumably doing something to resolve objections in the original planning application - though I have no idea what.

The condition that the new development should have space for a public house at ground floor and basement area is presumably supposed to tackle the fact that the area is becoming short of pubs but doesn't address the matter of how many buildings of the 1930s/40s era remain on Rotherhithe. As The Clipper is almost certain to be demolished (it has been sold to developers) and most local people feel that it is only a matter of time before the Orange Bull (formerly The Fitchetts, before it later became The Aardvark) goes the same way, the only two pubs to surivive from the period will be The Ship, over the other side of Rotherhithe, and the former Three Compasses, which is now a pizza restaurant.  Southwark Council has gone apartment mad.    

The building is an attractive one, and is a really nice corner of 1930s Rotherhithe in an area that has suffered a lot of really third rate modern development.   It is a shame that its owners and Southwark Council are so ready to see it eliminated from the architectural diversity of the area.


Anonymous said...

Many will be sad to see The Ship York go, however it hasn't thrived by being a nice piece of architecture as the present landlords have invested the best part of 40 years to make it what it is today.

Geoff said...

A posting on Facebook suggests that the planning permission expires after three years so the application had been re-submitted. But also that "they wanted £40,000 to renew it so [the owner] has now dropped the idea - really really hope this is an end to it he is so fed up with customers coming in and saying how sorry they are he is closing - cause he ain't".

Anonymous said...

The Ship York closed late November 2014, sold with planning permission to a developer, permission to demolish and erect Apartments, the Orange Bull bar, formerly Fitchetts,has is also the subject of a planning application for demolition and Apartments