Saturday, October 25, 2008

Photograph of 1928 flooding in Rotherhithe

The Barrow Boy

There's a rather nice photograph on the above blog of children being rescued from the upper floor of a Rotherhithe home during the 1928 flooding.

I've attached a small copy but go to the above page to see the large image.

There's an article about the flood on Wikipedia, which describes the flood as "disastrous". Fourteen people drowned when the Thames flooded its banks, and thousands were made homeless. It was apparently caused by the sudden thawing of snow in the Cotswolds, which doubled the volume of water in the river.


Elizabeth said...

This picture is incredible!!! Thank you for sharing it.


Andie said...

Hello Elizabeth. I am really glad that you liked the photograph. All these old photos are super. I have a lot of them in various books, including some great ones of the former Surrey Commercial Docks. Completely fascinating. Andie