Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Anti-social behaviour on Sunday

Teenagers are a problem everywhere, and the term "anti-social behaviour" has entered our language as a depressingly permanent fixture. To my mind it is the biggest running problem that we face in this area of Rotherhithe - groups of youths destroying an otherwise peaceful area with noise, foul language, motorbikes and trespassing into private areas. Every now and again I try to tackle some of the kids that invade our communal terrace, but this year the groups are much larger and more intimidating than in previous years, and I am quite frankly afraid of having a brick thrown through my patio doors. It was bedlam here at my house on Sunday afternoon and I had to shut the patio doors to drown out the noise. Sadly, the park did not entirely escape the attentions of some of these kids even in the hour or so that I was there. Two of them tore around the park on mini motorbikes, neither of which had numberplates, and both of which spewed out noise and exhaust fumes.

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