Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last lot from 10th


Garlic Mustard, with as yet unidentified insect.

Perennial cornflower
Centaurea montana

Albion School Bridge sculpture
Unfortunately I arrived when the sun was in quite the wrong direction so this is a very poor photograph of the new bridge sculpture, but I'll redo it shortly. Details of two of the flowers, the theme of this bridge, are shown below


Leslie said...

Hi Andie. I think the moth is a A Micro moth (Micropterix calthella), like my pic 10th May 2009 – Last few from yesterday .

I like the new bridge sculpture, will have to go have a look.

Anonymous said...

(I am a total beginner in moths, so please bin this comment if it's rubbish.) I searched at UK Moths and found one ressembling a species I'd seen down here on the IoW and came up with a male Adela reaumurella, and wonder if yours in the second photo might be the female? Shown here...
The pics there of Micropterix seem to have shorter antennae?

Andie said...

Thanks guys - I'll try to get a better photograph next time! It could be either from the one I took.

I'll be posting a new one in the next couple of days - probably a moth but I'd be grateful for any feedback about a possible identification.