Sunday, June 15, 2008

More wildflowers from Thursday

The pea family (Pisum), which includes vetches, trefoils and clovers, is very well represented in the park and the woodland. Pisum species are amongst the world's earliest cultivated plants, part of a Near Eastern package which included wheat, barley and lentils. They were valued for their fruit, as some of the family members (most notably Pisum sativum - the garden pea) are today. Various members of the family have also been used as natural remedies and animal fodder.

One thing that all these vetches have made me realize is that I need a bigger book!

Vetch? (but I haven't found which one)

I'm fairly sure that this is Sainfoin, but I need to go and have another poke at it with a book in my hot little hand.

Vetch, judging from the leaves? (Crown Vetch?)

Hedge mustard

Hypericum calycinum, Rose of Sharon
A garden escapee, although there are wild versions of Hypericum too

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