Wednesday, October 28, 2015

More on the future location of Canada Water’s leisure centre

A very timely email the excellent team at
Last week the vexed question of where a new leisure centre to replace Seven Islands should be located was the topic of a further lengthy session at Southwark’s overview & scrutiny committee.

Cllr Mark Williams (cabinet member for regeneration and new homes) and Jon Abbott (head of regeneration north) gave a presentation on the various options, including refurbishment or rebuilding on the Seven Islands site.

Watch it in full here in the website:

I have to admit to having been more than a little confused about the proposed location, so I'm going to grab a coffee and sit and watch it in all its glory. 


David Foot said...

Southwark has been cagey and hides its intentions and the facts when making the consultation, this is my view and request to all swimmers and nature lovers alike:
Please REJECT the new site:
The Southwark Master Plan proposed new Leisure Centre is to be built on an area for wildlife preservation to be killed off and downgrades the Seven Island Swimming pool to one for school children’s swimming lessons for which there will be two pools, one for children who can’t swim and one for school lessons, they only need a 25 metre pool with very little depth. LBS will then SELL the Seven Islands site, do away with the 33m long 4 m deep pool used at present at the Leisure Centre replacing it with a noticeably inferior one and crucially MAKE A LOT OF MONEY short changing sportspeople in the Borough!
LBS is downgrading sport facilities instead of providing a better pool with a deep end for real adult swimming and under water activities such as scuba, it will do away with most adult swimming facilities.
Downgrading of sports for adults is against the London commitment to Sports made to the Olympic Committee at the time of placing the London bid.

David Foot said...

If you fill in the consultation you must do so before April 29th

and if you wish to keep the present site at Seven Islands which
has plenty of free space for expansion and development, a fantastic swimming pool, you must bear in mind that Southwark tries to make you say yes to the new center on the wildlife reserved site, so you need to say yes that you are aware of the 3 to 4 years without a leisure center.

The alternative is to be 50 years or for ever with a much smaller leisure center built on the site at present reserved for wildlife and cutting down all the trees.

It should be possible to refurbish the Seven Island site and keep it going if Southwark wishes to do this but they are after the land of Seven Islands which they want badly so they try to force us to accept the inferior new site.

Tonight I went to the Public Question Time held at County Hall and I wasn't allowed to put any questions and the chairman of the meeting "held" my question and phrased it for the convenience of the councilors latter. They don't want to hear or accept any arguments.

The pool used to have diving boards but they took them out, and they mentioned things like that fact of the diving boards which were so good and they are no longer available, but this is only because they took them out.

In St. Georges' pool on the other side of the river similar to ours, Tom Daily goes and teaches them how to dive and use the boards, and they have installed new boards, unlike Southwark who took the boards out. The new pool will not have the depth and will be a much smaller childrens' pool.

The next meeting we can voice our opinions about the Leisure Center will be on Monday 21st Alfred Salter Primary School, 7 pm in Rotherhithe SE16 7LP.