Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Listing Greenland Dock - has anyone got any experience with the process?

Does anyone have any experience in getting buildings and other structures listed?

I have been talking to someone at Historic England (the newly renamed English Heritage) today and they said that Greenland Dock would be an ideal candidate for Grade 2 listing, and I have decided to start the process of trying to get it listed to protect it from future threats.  It is ludicrous that I have only just got around to doing it.  I always seemed to be too busy, but this was the kick I needed and I will just have to find the time!

I am happy to do the bulk of the work but anyone with previous experience to help guide me would be much appreciated.  My email address is in the header at the top of the blog.  Please get in touch!

Update at 23:35
I have started the listing process which, thanks to Historic England (formerly English Heritage) is available to do in stages online.  You can do a it, save it, go away and do the research for the new section, complete that, see what's on the next page, have a major panic attack and go away and cry for a bit and come back to it a few days later if required.  I'm impressed with the information that they provide, and the help that the share for people like me who really don't know what they're doing in the listing process.

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