Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Greenland Dock cygnet continues to grow

The one cygnet that hatched on the nest that was rescued by local residents continues to grow, and is sticking firmly to its mother's side as they drift around Greenland Dock.

The partially submerged pontoon in Norway Cut has been reoccupied by moorhens.  Their leaf-built nest has been supplemented with plastic bags, a favourite nest-building device of moorhens.  As the mother shifted I got a quick glimpse of several eggs on the nest, so I hope that this couple are luckier than their predecessors whose nest was completely disintegrated during Hurricane Andrea a few weeks ago. 


Anonymous said...

I saw a Swan had passed away, I think it was the Swan with a grey spot at the back, this was on Monday 19th on the boat ramp (water sports centre). Was it the foxes do you know?

Andie said...

Hi Anonymous. Sorry for the late reply, but I've been away. That's very sad about the swan. I hadn't heard about it and I don't know how it died.

Anonymous said...

Hi, sorry to be posting so late to this. The swan was the male, the father of the cygnet. He'd been behaving v oddly for a couple of weeks, and cut off from his family before the end. He was very unwell. I called the rescue folks but I fear too late. Do you know what has happened to the female (mother) as of November? First she was invaded by multiple new swans, young and old, now she and most of them have vanished. She is distinctive because she only has one eye (she used to live on Surrey Water, and I know her well). Any idea where she's gone?