Friday, July 12, 2013

Rotherhithe police station closed

I missed this on the 26th June 2013.  Although I knew it was being discussed, the website has reported that Rotherhithe Police Station has now closed.  Instead, a new police Contact Point is now open for three hours a week at Canada Water Library where police officers will be available at on Wednesday and Thursday evenings between 7pm and 8pm and on Saturdays from 2pm to 3pm. I'm really not convinced that it's the way to go. Rotherhithe is a big area and it has problems that I'm not at all sure can be sorted by a three-hour-a-week library presence.  Still, at least it makes good use of the library.

I am guessing that the police station, never a thing of beauty, will be knocked down and replaced with a residential block.  

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