Thursday, July 10, 2008

DDC information and objection package

Downtown Defence Campaign website

Please be aware that the Downtown Defence Campaign team have been working hard on getting an overall information and objection package together for the general public to take on board, in order to make a judgment on the new application by Barratt Homes for the development of the Downtown site on Rotherhithe.

The DDC has also put together a letter to the supporters of the DDC. Please view it on the DDC site or download it in MS Word or PDF format.

The objection letter for the general public will be finalised and printed by this weekend and DDC members will be knocking on their doors for members of the public to put their names and addresses down if they agree that this application still does not go anywhere near satisfying the people of Rotherhithe. You can see a draft version of this letter here.

As Chairman of the DDC Steve Cornish has written an objection letter, which you can view on the DD site or download it in MS Word or PDF format.

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