Sunday, January 24, 2016

Walking Brunel’s Thames Tunnel from Rotherhithe to Wapping (26th May 2014)

A great post on the "A London Inheritance" website about a walk through the Thames Tunnel from Rotherhithe to Wapping can be found at

Marc Brunel's Thames Tunnel, built after 18 years of problems, was finally opened for pedestrian traffic in 1843, and was eventually converted for rail in the 1865.  To see a detailed history of the Thames Tunnel, with images from the period of its build, see my earlier post

The tunnel is in constant use for the London Overground but was opened for a single weekend back in 2014, and I've never forgiven myself for missing it.  There have been a number of accounts of it by people who attended, but this has some particularly good photographs, of which the one below is particularly great, showing Brunel's original arches.. 

Original arches from Sir Marc Brunel's
Thames Tunnel. 
Copyright: A London Inheritance website.

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freddie said...

The image is of a restored Marc Brunel arch replicating how they may have originally looked. Only some were altered, there are many showing their age. I also took a few photo's which includes an unrestored arch: