Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Is it a bird? Is it a crane? No, it's affordable housing.

I've rarely heard anything so thoroughly silly.

Southwark Council are apparently now arguing that restoring the red derrick (crane) on the Thames Path at Odessa Street would take funding away from the provision of affordable housing.  How on earth would the drop-in-the-ocean costs of partially restoring the derrick deprive Rotherhithe of affordable housing??? 

Have your say, and vote on the future of the historic Odessa St crane in the Southwark News survey at

View of Commercial Wharf with the
Scotch derrick in the background,
1982. With thanks to Malcom T.
Tucker for the photograph.


Officer Dibble said...

I respectfully disagree. It's good to have kept some of the more visually appealing cranes and bridges in Rotherhithe as reminders of the area's industrial heritage, but as that great picture from Malcolm Tucker (presumably not the fictional spin doctor) shows, even if restored this one will always be ugly. I think it's entirely sensible to use the space (and the funds, such as they are) to build more housing, whether so-called "affordable" (which is really nothing of the kind) or for market sale or rent.

Andie said...

Dear Officer Dibble. Thanks for your comment. I have no problem with people whose sense of history and aesthetics differ from mine, or whose opinions are directly opposed. Lots of good discussions result from disagreements, and some good compromises can often be agreed. I have always liked the crane, always liked its lines and the heritage it evokes, but I can understand that it's not everyone's cup of tea.

Since you have decided to mention fictional names, however, I do wish that people would use their real names when posting comments. Even just the first name would be nice. Malcolm Tucker's name is not fictional - when he posted a comment it was with his real name, not anonymously or with a pseudonym and I valued that very much.