Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bermondsey Yesterday and Today

I've found another local website that appeals to me considerably: Bermondsey Boy.  There are various aspects so the site, but the bit that I particularly like is a section "Bermondsey Yesterday and Today" that compares photographs of Bermondsey in the past, with photographs taken in the same place, often from the same angle, today.

Here's a good example from Rotherhithe's Canon Beck Road (at but do have a look at the rest of the section.  There are dozens of then-and-now photographs to look through, and they are truly fascinating.  A good use of the Google Maps "Street View" feature.  I love the glimpse of a ship over the wall at the end of the road in the earlier photo. So sad that the lovely block of solid housing was demolished to be replaced by one of the low cost but fashionable architectural schemes that characterize parts of Rotherhithe.  Not that they are unattractive, but their predecessors were really quite lovely in many ways.

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