Saturday, September 27, 2008

Autumn photos - more from Friday

In spite of the fact that it is a staggeringly beautiful day today, what my father would call the perfect September day, I am very unlikely to make it over to the park. Deadlines are deadlines and backlogs are backlogs. So here are some more photographs from yesterday, and hopefully the weather will hold until tomorrow. As usual click on the small image if you want to see the full sized photograph.

Don't forget that Les Butler has of course been active in my absence and has some lovely photographs on his Walks With My Camera blog, which include some photos of the children's contribution to the Stave Hill Open Day and some Flash Earth images of the area. He too has some doubts about the recent work in some parts of the ecological park.

Mike Scott has also been busy on his blog, drplokta's Photostream. There are some stunning photographs of insects - particultarly the dragonflies, and there's a lovely photo of a set of mallard chicks huddling together. I am very envious that he has managed to capture a very clear photograph of a fox in the Russia Dock Woodland. Whenever I see foxes they are alway on the move - like lightning. Mike's photographs on the Flickr website are now organized by most recent date first, so it is very easy to get a view of how things change over time.

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