Sunday, March 4, 2018

Thames Discovery Programme - Rotherhithe Ethical foreshore exploration (10th March 2018) 
At previous Rotherhithe investigations by the Thames Discovery programme a large number of nautical timbers were recorded; these are likely to represent the remains of ship breaking on the foreshore during the 18th century. Other structures of interest include access features associated with the Mayflower PH, bargebeds and widespread artefact scatters of Delftware kiln waste and animal bone representing localised waterfront activity. The twice daily tide will have revealed a wide range of different artefacts for the participants to discover on this foreshore exploration. Although, in order to protect the historic nature of the foreshore we request that you take only photographs and memories with you.

Brunel Museum, Railway Ave, Rotherhithe, London, SE16 4LF
Time: 11:00 GMT
Price: £10 per adult and £6 per child.
Booking is essential and limited to 30 people. Children must be accompanied by an adult (minimum age for children is 5 years). Maximum of 2 children per adult.

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