Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Port of London Study Group moves to Canada Water Library

Stewart’s Dry Dock on the right and Glen Terrace on the left;
the bowsprit of the barque Milverton overhangs the dock wall
at Manchester Road, 1918.
Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives
Great news that now that the Port of London Study Group has decided to change venues for their weekly meetings they are going to be based at Canada Water library. 

The group was established to share the experience of exploring the history, heritage and archaeology of the port of London in a self-directed, special interest group which meets every Monday at 11am-1pm, except in the summer when guided walks and visits are arranged. 

Topics covered include the growth and pattern of London’s trade and associated industries, the building and operation of the docks and wharves, the vessels using the port, dockland communities and industrial relations, and the movement of people into and out of the port. Within this framework, members are free to explore topics of their individual choice. 

During the spring and winter they focus on presentations and during the early summer they take advantage of the better weather to organize the guided walks and day trips.  This mixture of approaches allows them to engage in research and share diverse interests and knowledge in a friendly and supportive environment.  Write-ups of presentations, guided walks and visits are on the News page.

If you are interested in joining the group, you can see some of their research interests in the titles of the presentations, walks and visits on the Programmes page.  For example, upcoming, on the Monday 10th July, group member Sue Littledale is leading a walk that begins in Rotherhithe: "Surrey Docks, Grand Surrey Canal and the Deptford Victualling Yard."  

If you are interested in joining them, see their website at: https://portoflondonstudy.wordpress.com  



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