Thursday, June 12, 2014

Update re The Clipper Pub, Rotherhithe Street

I have been asked many times about what is happening to The Clipper, the former pub on Rotherhithe Street near to the Hilton Hotel, one of the few 1930s buildings of this very distinctive type remaining on Rotherhithe.  

I heard today (with thanks to Charles) that there is now a small notice on the pub itself saying that the pub is to be knocked down and replaced with a four-storey modern building, which will include six apartments.  Only two carparking spaces have been allocated.

There is only a 21 day window to respond to the planning application and I can't find the planning application number on the Southwark Council website, so I'll try to go up there tomorrow and find out what's on the sign that has been attached to the pub.  I don't know when the sign was put up and therefore I have no idea how many days are left for people to respond.  

If you are local to the pub and have views about this, please go and have a look at the notice and respond either online or in writing to the planning application.


Michele P-J said...

Hi Andie
I think the application number is 14/AP/1407
End of consultation period 27/06
However I would check it on the planning website just to be sure

Officer Dibble said...

See post 2387

Andie said...

Thanks very much to both - very useful!