Saturday, December 26, 2009

Building identification request

Does anyone know what the building on the north bank of the Thames made of red brick is called (or at least exactly which road it is on)? It looks as though it was copied from a lego model but was apparently built so that as many rooms as possible had a Thames view.

I haven't got a photograph of my own but the one on the right is from Wiki.

It's not through want of trying. I've searched under every key workd I can think of and did a satellite tour of the Thames on Google Earth and still wasn't able to find it. I'm up in Wales and all the books that might have been able to help are at home in London, of course. It is beginning to drive me nuts!

UPDATED: Please see Mike's comment. Not only has he identified the building for me but he gave me a brilliant way of searching for this type of information in the future. I was going to delete this post when I had the answer but I'll leave it here so that Mike's advice will be available when needed.


Dr Plokta said...

It's Free Trade Wharf, apparently. (To answer questions like this, fire up Google Earth, go to the appropriate place, then load the Flickr overlay from

Andie said...

Thanks Mike. Much appreciated.