Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wales Yo-Yo

Here are some of today's snaps. I managed to go out in the only hour or so when there was almost no sunshine!
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I came back via the Surrey Docks Farm, which was busy with lots of parents and children around the place. It is great to see that the sculptures which used to be just outside the farm have now been brought within the Thames Path gates and look absolutely excellent. I didn't take any photos because they were covered in children at the time, but they really fit in perfectly.


Ladybird or Harlequin, I'm not sure which although I suspect the latter

I need to look this one up. It was prolific in the wet areas of the
Downtown Pond, just to the side of the bridge


Bright colours in the Butterfly Sanctuary

Sanfoin again.
I just love the markings on the petals.

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CarolineLD said...

Gorgeous photos, the new camera/lens is definitely a success!