Friday, June 26, 2009

More re Deptford - Albury Street

I've been away in north Wales excavating or, as my father puts it "digging holes in Anglesey" with the Anglesey Rock Art Project, so apologies for the lack of posts recently.

Others have been keeping busy locally including Les Butler and his wonderful Walks With My Camera Blog and Caroline on her Caroline's Miscellany blog.

A recent post of Caroline's looks at Albury Street, one of the revelations from the Deptford walking tour that we were both on a couple of weeks ago. Here's a short extract from her post:

Albury Street was originally Union Street, a name commemorating the union of England and Scotland in 1707. While the south side of the road has been rebuilt with modern homes, the north still has its terrace of wonderful eighteenth-century houses. As a thriving dockyard town, Deptford needed homes for all classes and while labourers might live in wooden cottages, shipbuilders and naval officers wanted something more upmarket. Thus local bricklayer Thomas Lucas built the Union Street homes from 1706; he also built St Paul's Church on the High Street.

See the above link for the complete post, with photographs.

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