Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yellow Flag Lillies and Roses

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the blog, and many of the flowers that I saw today were so familiar from this time last year, giving me multiple flashbacks of the sense of surprise I had when I first started to investigate the woodland and ecological park with camera in hand.

I have become so much more in tune with individual sections of the park, and even individual trees and shurbs, so whenever I cross the road and enter the Russia Dock Woodland I have the sense of greeting new aspects of a very old friend.

Today the most noticeable changes were the appearence of yellow flag water lilly flowers, the profusion of shrub roses (some of which have the most wonderful perfume) and the recovery of water in the Downtown ponds. The Downtown pond was the best place to see pond life today. There were several damselflies dashing around, blues and reds glinting in the sun and there were dozens of tiny fish. As well as yellow flag coming out the usual reeds were looking tall and fine in the sun, and a single moorhend was enjoying the water and the sun.

I will post more in the next few days about today's outing.

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