Monday, July 28, 2008

More local news

Downtown Site update

Steve and other volunteers spent over two hours with Andrew Boff, walking all around the Downtown Site, as well as other parts of Russia Dock Woodland and Stave Hill Ecological Park. Everyone agreed that it was amazing to think that the Downtown site came under the heading of a “brown-field” site. Andrew Boff has promised to bring this to the attention of Boris Johnson as a matter of urgency. Steve has explained to him that other assembly members such as Valarie Shawcross, and Jenny Jones, have opposed this development from the very start.

Good news is that Steve was able to hand in 251 individual objection letters to the planning department last Friday afternoon. We still have more to deliver over the next couple of days.

The local public have responded to our call for help once again.

Graffiti and water flow

Steve will contact the graffiti team regarding the Stave Hill sculpture, for which my thanks.

There has been a problem getting the fresh water from the wind turbine pump to divert to Downtown ponds, which are now becoming dry. They have been desperately trying to solve this problem over the weekend by 'rodding' the associated pipework to this area of the waterways.
We now have some flow into Downtown pond, but it is very slow. Steve will keep checking it.

Update re Wednesday’s meeting about Frogmore plans for the Leisure Park

The meeting is to take place at 22 Brunswick Quays on Wednesday 30th July at 7pm, but if there are too many of us on arrival we will move outside or, if the weather lets us down, to a nearby hostelry.

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