Sunday, February 22, 2015

This morning's Canada Water Regeneration Phase 1 information leaflet

This turned up through my front door this morning - the timetable for the first phase of construction of the Canada Water Regeneration plan, otherwise known as C1.  This does not appear to include the high rise shown in the artist's impression, thank goodness - it looks as though we are going to be spared that for another few years.  I've still not forgiven Southwark Council for Ontario Point, and it's always a worry to find that one's low-rise residential oasis is featuring in Skyscraper News!

The leaflet actually doesn't say a great deal, and its main benefit is the timetable on the first page, so for those who don't know, Site C is currently occupied by the two Decathlon stores and their 224 spaces of car parking.  This is the third part of the project, with sites A &and B now built, including the library and the 26 storey eyesore Ontario Point.  Phase C1, as I understand it (but to feel free to correct me) will be on the site of the Decathlon store next to Albion Channel and will be a set of buildings with a central communal garden, ranging from 5-17 storeys comprising 221 apartments and incorporating the new Decathlon store.

I can email the leaflet to anyone who wants it in PDF format.

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