Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Ship York to be demolished for housing

The Ship York by Stephen Harris
More sad news for Rotherhithe pub-goers, with thanks to James Smith for bringing it to my attention.  A planning application to turn the The Ship York into housing has been posted on the Southwark Council website at: 

Thanks to the team for letting me know that this is actually the resubmission of a lapsed planning proposal.  The current submission was entered on 11th November and the consultation period ended on the 3rd January, with no notification in the press.  

The application reads as follows:  "Demolition of the existing three-storey (plus basement) building and erection of a five-storey (plus basement) mixed-use development comprising of a public house at basement and ground floor level, and 8 x two-bedroom residential units above."

The building is not listed, but it's one of the few remaining 30s pubs on Rotherhithe, and is quite a nice example of the genre.  The site was home to a former pub with the same name. In his "Maritime Rotherhithe History Walks" book Stuart Rankin says that a pub with this name in Rotherhithe is first recorded as The York in 1809, and may have been named after HMS York launched by S and D Brent in 1807, although the “ship” was not added to the pub title until 1835.  

It will be a sad day when it goes.


Joanne Brennan said...

My parents used to own this pub. Sadly they are no longer with us but I know they'd be upset by this news.

biginabox said...

This can't be allowed to happen.
Let them demolish one of the many fake churches in what used to be pubs. Right now we need more pubs and fewer churches.
More homes does not mean fewer pubs. More pubs means more communities, rather than worker-bee hives.

Anonymous said...

My mum used to work here over 50 years ago, she is no longer with us but so sad

Anonymous said...

Maybe there's a call to make a model of the pub so it can be put on display in a local museum? It is part of history I think.

Anonymous said...

The closure is simply an economic decision, takings in the pub trade are falling and unsustainable.
It is believed that the Pub was erected around the structure of an older pub, demolition may reveal something of this enigma.

Anonymous said...

The Pub close to the Ship York, known as the Orange Bar, formerly Surrey Commercial Tavern or Fitchetts is believed to be closing, again to be a site for apartmnets

Deano Granger said...

This pub was used as a location set for the 80's tv cop show Dempsey and Makepeace. Ive just been watching it on a re run. Is it still there or has it been demolished? Kind regards..Deano 07512 564 376

Deano Granger said...

This pub has been a location set for the 80's cop show Dempsey and Makepeace.. ive just been watching it on a re run. Is it still there or has it been demolished? Kind regards Deano 07512 564 376

Anonymous said...

The proposal is to build a Co-oP shop on the site of the Ship York, this change of plan is going through the motions of public consultation etc