Saturday, May 25, 2013

The future of the Surrey Docks Health Centre

At a rare visit to the Surrey Dock Health Centre during the week, the following information was being stuck to the walls.  This might be of interest for anyone who is registered with the surgery and wants to know what the future holds for it now that the new Downtown development by Barratts is in full swing.  As people concerned with the development will probably already know, provision was made in the planning submission for the existing health centre to be demolished and replaced with a new one that will be incorporated into the Barratts development.

Patient Participation Group

Join us for our Annual General Meeting
Everyone Welcome!
Wednesday 12th June 6.30pm

Information Evening

• Find out more about the New Health Centre from Barrett's
• Find out about what the PPG do
• Informal evening with wine and nibbles
• A chance to meet other patients and members of the practice team

You can find out details from the Surrey Docks Health Centre website at:

The existing health centre, which looked terribly unloved and run down even before Barratts started tearing down trees and bulldozing the site, must have been quite an avant garde structure for a health centre development in its day, with its central courtyard garden, the tall, steeply slanted roof providing natural light for the waiting room and the surrounding outdoor seating areas under the trees.  Never a thing of beauty, it did have some very real virtues and it is a shame that it should have become so very downtrodden.

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