Saturday, May 11, 2013

How the Shard is ushering in Rotherhithe’s next wave of development

The Shard. Photograph by
Ben Griffin, via Wikimedia.

This article kicks off with several paragraphs about Rotherhithe's fascinating history before going on to look at Rotherhithe today and development plans for Surrey Quays shopping centre and the Daily Mail's Harmsworth Quays,

It also suggests that the Shard will see much of these new developments being populated by occupants of the Shard:

Walking around Rotherhithe today, it seems as if it’s about to take yet another leap forward. Just 10 minutes from the Shard, where 10,000 people will eventually work, you can see why property developers are getting enthusiastic about snapping up the few parcels of land that remain.


Anonymous said...

Far too much developement around Rotherhithe. Its like everywhere you go these days its crowded with people. I wish it was still like it was in the 70's - I could live without everything build since then.

Andie said...

I am not against any form of development when it seems practical and can be of value to the community - sometimes new building projects can be a very good thing - but we are seeing a ridiculous amount of it, particularly given that there are only three ways off Rotherhithe and the public transport infrastructure isn't that great. The 381 isn't too bad, but the C10 seems erratic in the extreme. I've seen photographs and read accounts of what it was like in the 70s after the docks had just closed, and I think that there have been many improvements since then, but not all of it has been good, and some of it is truly poor. And the idea that the planned Kings College student accommodation will generate no further traffic because they'll all be on bicycle seems insanely short sighted!