Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A walk in Russia Dock Woodland

At the weekend, on one of the few nice days we have had all year my father, who has been most unwell, thought that a stroll around the park might be a good idea, so we went out to enjoy the sunshine.  Russia Dock Woodland was lovely, full of wild flowers, bright green leaves and some really glossy yellow and cream roses.  On the big green families were enjoying picnics.

The recent work to revitalize the water supply to the ponds and channels has born fruit - I have never seen the water in the channels at this time of year before, and the Yellow Flag irises were clearly thriving on the conditions.  The good care given to the Woodland over the last few years really shows, and it was interesting to see the before-and-after photographs on the noticeboard by the green, which shows the real impact that the work has made.


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