Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sovereigns, Sailors, Shipwrights and Skulls: Diving into Deptford

Thanks to Caroline of the Caroline's Miscellany blog for posting about a guided walk in Deptford. It runs for over two hours so there should be plenty to see and learn. It takes place on Sunday the 7th June and is called Sovereigns, Sailors, Shipwrights and Skulls: Diving into Deptford. It is run by qualified Bluge Badge Guide Jackie Stater. Details for meeting are shown on the walk's web page. Meet at the appointed place and pay £7.50 for the guided tour. No booking necessary.

No prizes for guessing what I'll be up to on Sunday afternoon! What little I know of Deptford, mainly through John Evelyn's diary, indicates that it has a fascinating past.

It is one of lots of events featured on the Story of London website operated by the London City Hall website (amongst many other London walks). The best way to find walks in your area is to use the website's postcode search facility.

Caroline has also posted about the Ian Visits website, which has a dedicated London events page. More fascinating stuff!! You can even sign up to a free email newsletter about upcoming events,

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