Tuesday, June 2, 2009

May 29th - insect fest, butterfly sanctuary

The last three of these photographs show moths which were landing on vetch and birdsfoot trefoil, but I haven't narrowed them down yet. As usual with that wretched telephoto lens they are rather blurred, in spite of being sharpened in Photoshop. If anyone has any suggestions they will be very welcome!


Les said...

Hi Andie, The moths are Burnet Companions (Euclidia glyphica). See my 28th post. There are many of these at SH at present. Very flighty.

Andie said...

Thanks a million Les. I need to start studying your blog properly! They were amazing little things - easily startled but settling again very quickly.

Jenifer said...

That Budleia globosa does attract the bees!

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