Friday, January 30, 2015

Website: "I Live In SE16"

To my surprise, this website has apparently been going for around 6 months now, but I missed it because I was away for a lot of last year.  I am really terribly out of touch at the moment!  Peddling fast to make up for lost time :-)

So on the off-chance that other local residents reading the blog are unaware of the "I Live In SE16" website (, I thought it would be worth mentioning that it is a really good local resource.  There is both static text and a blog with news updates, and the site is supported by presences on Facebook and Twitter as well as meetings in the real world at suitable local venues.  I've paged through the news updates and it is particularly useful if you want to get involved in Rotherhithe life. 

It is probably best to let it speak for itself, so here's the introductory paragraph from their site.

An online hub for everything in Bermondsey, Surrey Quays, Rotherhithe and Canada Water in London SE16. We are a small group of friends who are building this community site to bring everyone together –  residents, workers and visitors. We provide a source of information and ideas about our neighbourhood.

We are volunteers finding our way and welcome others to help us make this a real success. We also have a Facebook page and run the weekly #SE16Hour on Twitter. If you’ve news to share, a business to promote or a an event to publicise, tweet to @SE16Hour.

And more from their About page:

In recent years SE16 has flourished with many new residents and businesses coming to the area. New builds are going up left right and centre and there are still many new changes to come. Members of the community currently residing in the area and new residents still aren’t aware about all the great local businesses and events that happen in the area, so it’s now time to get the word out through & @se16hour.

We are a collective of local businesses and organisations who have come together in partnership to bring to your attention of what goes on in your area. This includes day to day activities, services and local events. We feel the more support we give each other, the stronger we are in raising awareness of all the wonderful things that go on. Search through our page to find listings and contacts for all partners involved in iliveinSE16 and discover your area. The Census 2011 advised that the population for SE16 was 44,957.

There is advertising, but it is confined to local services and events. Just to remind you that the web address is

At the same time, do take time to look at the "4RS Amateur Video Productions" page on You Tube.  Amongst other great pieces of video, as part of the I Live In SE16 project, the 4RS team has started interviewing local institutions and organizations in Rotherhithe to build up a record of different initiatives in the area.


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