Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snowfall over Greenland Dock

I was in the Moby Dick with friends when the snow started to come down with real attitude. It was so thick that at times it was impossible to see the far end of the dock. The Moby now has a cover for smokers which looks out towards the end of the dock so I was able to go and stand outside for a few moments without getting completely sodden.

A friend and I did take advantage of a break in the intensity of the snowfall to go and feed the water birds with half a loaf of bread given to us by the landlord. There were two swans, a large number of coots and a mass of greedy, aggressive seagulls - all of which had gathered together at the corner where the main dock meets the inlet, which was one of the few places on the dock where the water had remained unfrozen leaving a patch of water some 6ft by 6ft into which the swans and coots were tightly packed, leaving the seagulls standing morosely on the ice surrounding them.

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