Monday, November 9, 2009

Recovering laurel, the new toad sanctuary and the felled tree stumps

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Anonymous said...

You have posted some nice pictures of this latest visit. Shows that, even though we are in perhaps not the most photogenic time of year, a little good weather makes for some lovely images. Not so for others, though -

I am ignorant regards ecological management, but, surely, cutting down and clearing this area so as to prevent leaves falling into the moat is the wrong thing to do - considering that leaves only fall for a short time of the year. It would be a simple matter for TRUE to skim the surface once or twice a week.

And then there's all the other cutting down/clearing of trees and bushes - by Stave Hill pond and, most disasterous of all - both sides of the path beyond the mound, towards Russia Dock Walk, for example. What are they planning? and Is whatever it is really necessary?

In my opinion, TRUE (and their volunteers) have crossed the line between sound ecological management and maintainence and vandalism - and, even if that is a minority view, they are involving themselves in far too much of the former - the place is too small to have so much hacking down taking place. Plus, they can't even manage and maintain what's already there and in-need of regular attention - fencing and the small pond, for instance.

As you know, I used to have a blog dedicated to photo's of insect life taken at Stave Hill. I really enjoyed visiting (several times a week) to see and photograph life through the seasons. But I became concerned early on with what struck me as unnecessary works being carried out. It started with the destruction of the high hedge (and nesting birds nests) by the windmill - by TRUE's base, and had got progresively worse during the year I visited. Now it is, in my opinion, very serious. Someone (who?) should curb the over enthusiasm of TRUE and the volunteers. I have written to TRUE (more than once), but have received no reply. I became so disgusted with the general state of the park that, what with the latest clearings, I closed my blog, which was (and is) a great loss for me.

TRUE should restrict themselves to an educational role with the local children/schools (which I know they do very well indeed), and leave management to others with more concern for trees and wildlife (especially insect life).

Les Butler.