Monday, January 19, 2009

Some of the sights seen from Stave Hill - up close and personal

A brainwave from a friend of mine led us to play at tourists in London for the weekend. We made a list of things that a visitor to the city might wish to see and went to see them, taking lots of photographs as we went.

It is amazing how many of the places we went to see could be seen from the top of Stave Hill, including the London Eye, Tower Bridge, the Monument to the Great Fire of London and St Paul's Cathedral. The Gherkin was almost unavoidable. I hadn't realized the degree to which it now dominates the London skyline from so many standpoints within and outside the city.

The view above was taken from the Tower of London over to Baltic Quay. Some of the intervening woodland must be the Russia Dock Woodland.

As usual click on the photograph to see the bigger image.

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