Saturday, March 12, 2016

Stuart Rankin's Rotherhithe History Walks available online

Newly available for download (each priced at £1.05) on the British Transport Treasures website:   

Maritime Rotherhithe History Walk – Transport, Industry and the Docks by Stuart Rankin, Southwark Council 2005.

Maritime Rotherhithe History Walk – Shipyards, Granaries and Wharves by Stuart Rankin, Southwark Council 2005

Rotherhithe Then and Now History Walk by Stuart Rankin, Southwark Council 2005

These are classic little booklets, guided tours of key aspects of Rotherhithe's heritage, with clear directions and maps, good photographs and lots of local history.  Shipyards, Granaries and Wharves was responsible for starting my interest in Rotherhithe's history, and I still use all three of the booklets as starting points when looking up a new aspect of the area's past.  A real bargain, particularly as they are almost impossible to get hold of from anywhere else.


Unknown said...

I think your link to the Transport booklet is linking to the Shipyards booklet?

Andie said...

Thank you Esme - I have now corrected that.