Friday, February 5, 2016

Canada Water Area Action Plan exhibition 5th February 2016

Update:  The full story with more pictures is now on my SE16 planning blog at:

I said that I would put all my planning stuff on my other blog, and I will do so with a commentary, but in the meantime, whilst I try to feel a bit less depressed about the whole thing and get my head around what I want to say, here are some images of what they have planned for us after their planned 15 years of construction traffic, noise, dirt and chaos.  Basically, they are telling us to kiss the Rotherhithe we know goodbye.

I took the photos at today's exhibition at Surrey Quays Shopping Centre.  There were loads of information boards and booklets, and apparently these should be on a website somewhere but I haven't yet gone looking.

The type-written labels superimposed on the photos are mine, which I added to help people orientate themselves.  Much of it is so unrecognizable that if it wasn't for Greenland Dock, Canada Water and Southwark Park it would be difficult to know exactly where you were.

Click on any image to see the bigger version.

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