Sunday, January 24, 2016

Planning and development issues - a new home

I've moved planning issues to a new home, a dedicated blog called "trackerzone" (a name that is explained over there, but has nothing at all to do with planning).  All the local history and other posts were getting completely lost in the general torrent of planning issues, so it seemed like time for a change. I figured that for people interested in local history it would be frustrating to wade through planning posts, and for people interested in planning, local history posts would be distracting, so I've separated them out.

I will continue to let people know where when there are new planning updates on the other blog, but I will no longer post the full contents here. 

I have copied a year's worth of planning posts from this blog over there (the formatting is still a bit odd on the older posts, but all the content is there and the formatting will be sorted soon)

You will find four new posts on the new blog, which have not been posted here, as follows.

Bermondsey and Rotherhithe Community Council Agenda 27th January 2016 (with a link to the agenda and minutes of the last meeting)
Letter from Southwark Council re location for new Leisure Centre (with photographs of the letter)

Canada Water Area Action Plan Newsletter February 2016 (with scans of the newsletter)

Leisure Centre to be discussed at Community Council Meeting – Can you attend?

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