Wednesday, October 7, 2015

South Dock Marina Consultation - Booking required for today and tomorrow

This evening I am going to the South Dock Marina consultation - with sincere thanks to nearby neighbour Emma Jones for letting me know about it.  This is a follow-up to an initial consultation on the 29th July 2015 (of which I was completely unaware) after which the initial proposals were revisited.  I will report back about whatever I learn.  According to this flier, which I have seen for the first time today and arrived with me by a highly circuitous route, the event is divided into 25 minute focus groups, each with a maximum of 20 people.  My ticket is for 5pm.

If you're interested in attending it is held at the Water sports Centre on Rope Street (Greenland Dock) between 5pm and 7.30pm tonight and tomorrow.  The web addresses for registering are

DAY 1 (Today, Wednesday):
DAY 2 (Tomorrow, Thursday):

Alternative contact details, are on the flier below.

For more details about the proposal, see the Southwark Council website at:

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