Thursday, January 26, 2012

Local history books by Stuart Rankin at the Canada Water library

Putting my overall dissatisfaction with the library as a functional beast on one side, I thought it might be worth bringing attention to a series of books about Rotherhithe, if anyone is interested in the local history of the area.

Although I have a really good collection of local history books and papers, my approach to finding out about the area has been somewhat random, and I have to thank whoever selected the local history books in the library for including a series of which I was unaware.

The series are all referred to as Rotherhithe Local History Papers. All appear to have been written or put together by the excellent Stuart Rankin (who is my absolute local history hero, but sadly lives overseas) and appear to have been published locally in the late 90s and the year 2000.

The titles that I took out of the library are:

By Stuart Rankin:
  • A Short History of the Surrey Commercial Docks
  • Shipbuilding in Rotherhithe - Greenland Dock and Barnard's Wharf
  • Shipbuilding in Rotherhithe - The Nelson Dockyard
  • Shipbuilding in Rotherhithe - Bull Head Dock to the Pageants - Part I
  • Shipbuilding in Rotherhithe - Bull Head Dock to the Pageants - Part II
Edited by Stuart Rankin
  • Historical Notice of the commercial Docks in the Parish of Rotherhithe, County of Surrey By Nathaniel Gould (a reprint from 1844 with additional illustrations and an introduction)

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